How the Big Magic Web Design Process Works

8 Easy Steps

BigMagic is famous for high-quality low budget websites. In order to best serve clients needing a web presence, here’s how the process works. 





BigMagic & Client agrees to a Scope of Work.



Big Magic opens a shared folder on Google Drive. This folder will contain a starting document of important business questions along with a designated folder for website material. 

The client delivers website content: Copy, Photos, Video, Graphics.  

The client must deliver all content before the start of the project begins. Otherwise, new and added material may not be considered as part of the original scope of work.



BigMagic works our magic. We will use our expertise to structure a high-quality website. If content delivered by the client is missing photos or graphics, Big Magic may choose what they feel is best to deliver a proper design. These photos and graphics are sourced from BigMagic’s database. 



BigMagic delivers back the First Website Reveal.



Client reviews site and compiles a list of changes. Here is a great place to see what is missing or needs rearrangement.



Client sends back changes in a clear and concise checklist. BigMagic will not sort through emails chains to find design request changes. 



BigMagic makes changes requested. Some text and photo changes may be reserved training material during the screenshare session. 



Final Site Reveal is given. If no more changes are needed... we set up a time for transfer and screenshare training. A final invoice will be sent before the transfer can be made into the client's account. 


Notes of possible financial add-ons. 

Additional fees will not be added unless approved by the client. 


In the event that during the design process client finds that they need to add additional material, (sections, photos, or information) - there will be an extra cost added to the final payment. 


There is only one site revision offered. If there are further revisions needed before or after the delivery of the Final Site Reveal - there will be an additional cost to endured. 


Media: Graphics/photos/video 

BigMagic will source free media from our database. If the client doesn’t like our choices or would like to choose from paid options - additional cost will be added to the invoice. The price will be by item sold online, plus a credit card fee of 3.9%


The Screenshare Training Process:

Screenshare training session is offered to 1 person. Additional members added to training is an additional $50 per person.


The Payment Process:

BigMagic requires a 50% down payment to start the web design process. No project will be started until the first payment is made. 


A final 50% payment is required before the site can be transferred to the owner's account and domain is connected. 


Payment must be made online using the invoice delivered by BigMagic. No cash or checks are accepted as forms of payment.